Vitamin D Deficiency Syndrome

What is Vitamin D Deficiency Syndrome (VDDS)? VDDS can occur when levels of this essential nutrient fall below 50 ng/mL (nanograms per milliliter) and is ususally found in patients that suffer from two or more of these conditions: autoimmune diseases, … Continue reading

Eco-Friendly Gardening

Gardening is one of the most popular activities for homeowners, which gives a new layer of aesthetic beauty to your home. In addition, gardening offers a lot of worthwhile fun as you get to nourish various species of fauna, whether … Continue reading

2010 the Second Aries Full Moon

2010 the Second Aries Full Moon by Dale Osadchuk on Thursday, October 21, 2010 at 9:08pm by Earthkeeper Way on Saturday, October 23, 2010 at 9:36pm 2010 The Second Aries Full Moon 22 Oct 2010 at 9.38pm EDT and 6.38pm … Continue reading

Essential Oils for the Treatment of Shingles

By Annetta Ribken You may have heard of shingles, especially if you’re in the over-forty group, but there are a lot of misconceptions about shingles and the treatment. For those who have contracted the illness, the side-effects of the anti-viral … Continue reading

What is the “Trivedi Effect”

Mahendra Kumar Trivedi Mr. Trivedi, also known as Guruji by many, has realized a level of human potential that has never been seen or thought possible before now. He has been changing the lives of people he has come into … Continue reading

Eco-Trends in Housing and Real Estate Industry

Introduction to Eco Property Development The real estate industry has seen a new eco-trend as of late, which renews the way people look at developing homes and properties. The concept of eco property development has indeed become the latest trend … Continue reading

Wellfleet Boogie 2010

______________________________________________________________________________ PRESS RELEASE / PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                    September 1, 2010 WELLFLEET CELEBRATES COMMUNITY, SUCCESSFUL SEASON WITH ALL-DAY MUSIC FESTIVAL DATE/TIME:         Saturday, September 11, noon to dark LOCATION:         Baker Field, Wellfleet … Continue reading

Solar Energy As An Alternative Energy Source

In this time of diminishing fossil fuels and the trend toward renewable energy, solar energy has once again taken the forefront of people’s interest. More people are installing solar panels on their homes now, than ever before. Solar energy is … Continue reading

How You Help Yourself By Helping Others

Why does helping others make people happy, less stressful and motivated? Why do many psychologists recommend that it is better to help yourself by helping others? Read on: Based on psychological theory and research, you can gain considerable benefits by … Continue reading

The Cape Cod Rail Trail and The Fruit Salad Walk

In the 1970’s the state began transforming the old rail bed to a bike trail, now commonly known as “The Cape Cod Rail Trail”. It is a wonderful natural resource and passes within a mile of my home. Biking, hiking, rollerblading and even cross country skiing (in season of course) are right at my doorstep. Continue reading

Vitamin D Deficiency and Dis-Ease

More and more studies are pointing to the fact that a Vitamin D deficiency is at the root of many common and troubling dis-eases. Vitamin D can be absorbed naturally through the skin by exposure to sunlight. The use of sunscreens … Continue reading

Valerian – A Natural Aid For Sleeping Problems

Since the days of the ancient Greeks, the herb Valerian (Latin for “strong”) has been used to treat insomnia, epilepsy, digestive and liver problems. It has also been dispensed as a  treatment for urinary tract infections. Utilized as a perfume … Continue reading

Have You Hugged Your Planet Today?

Have You Hugged Your Planet Today?

PlanetHugger Boston 2010 is dedicated to educating, inspiring, and empowering children and adults, individuals and families, urbanites and small town folks to come together in their communities and workplaces to create a more sustainable planet for future generations. This year’s … Continue reading

Green Business Ideas for Existing Businesses

Image via Wikipedia Recent years have been plagued by many calamities that are associated with or have contributed to the deteriorating environment. The concept of global warming has become a household issue these days. All of us are now aware … Continue reading

10 Most Effective Ways to Save Energy in Your Home

According to the Northeast Sustainable Energy Association there are many ways that we can all do our parts to save energy in our homes. Image via Wikipedia The typical usage in a New England home looks something like this: 61% … Continue reading

“Hands Across the Sand” Sat. June 26, 2010

This Saturday, June 26, 2010 Cape Cod Holistic will be hosting a local display of support for the national campaign to put an end to offshore oil drilling known as: HANDS ACROSS THE SAND Hands Across the Sand is a … Continue reading

Going Green: Advantages Of A Green Business

Image via Wikipedia For the last few years, there’s been quite a bit of hype on “going green“, whether it is about turning our homes or our businesses more environmentally friendly.  Businesses are transforming into “green” businesses for different reasons. … Continue reading

Embrace a Natural and Holistic Lifestyle

According to a recent consumer report survey, more people now intend to live green and healthy. It is not surprising that more of us now aim to embrace and adopt a natural and holistic lifestyle. It is logical that people … Continue reading

Green Business Opportunities

Image via Wikipedia According to the survey of the Natural Marketing Institute, there are Americans which they considered as LOHAS or those following and practicing lifestyles of health and sustainability.  About 63 million Americans are considered to have this kind … Continue reading

How will the new Health Care Bill affect me?

With more and more of the population trending toward homeopathic and away from allopathic medicine, we really have to ask ourselves just how the new Health Care Reform Bill will affect us?  Will the government begin to penalize those who … Continue reading