Your Journey to a Holistic Lifestyle

Everyone should strive to live a more holistic lifestyle. If you intend to live healthier in all aspects of your life, you should make sure your health includes every dimension of your being: your mind, your body, your spirit, and … Continue reading

Physical Fitness as a Key to a Holistic Lifestyle

A sound holistic lifestyle always starts with a healthy body. That is why physical fitness should be given utmost importance. Overall physical health is necessary to attain better emotional and mental health. However, to some people, it may not be … Continue reading

Cooking With Quinoa

Considered as one of today’s super foods is the unassuming Quinoa, a cereal-like seed that is native to South America and considered sacred by the Incas. With the number of vitamins and minerals found in Quinoa it is even considered … Continue reading

Bongers: Set of Two Ancient Oriental Massage Tools

Bongers provide an invigorating percussion-like massage called tapotement which improves circulation, eases muscle tension, and even reduces the appearance of cellulite. Bongers are kind of like meat tenderizers. Use one, or two simultaneously. By tapping contracted and knotty muscles you … Continue reading

Davinci Tool & Body Back Buddy Mini Two of the Best Self Massage Tools

The Davinci Tool Soft Trigger Point Occipital Neck Massager and Body Back Mini Trigger Point Travel Massager bundled together at a discounted price. The DaVinci Tool is a versatile, self-massage tool that will help you relieve headache pain, stress, trigger … Continue reading

Nutritional Facts About Quinoa

Quinoa, the recently rediscovered super food, is often mistaken for a type of grain. On the contrary, it is actually the seed of a leafy plant related to spinach and amaranths. (Some people label it as a pseudo-cereal.) It is … Continue reading

Quinoa – The Making Of A Super Food

Considered a “sacred grain” by the ancient Incas, Quinoa was also called “chisaya mama” (mother of all grains). The ancients must probably know how such a lowly seed was actually a nutritional heavyweight. As records would have it, Quinoa was … Continue reading

Quinoa as a Super Food

After being out of circulation since the Spanish conquest of South America, the food plant Quinoa is staging a comeback in the world’s food arena. Acknowledged by the world’s nutrition experts and food scientists as one of the world’s most … Continue reading

What is Quinoa?

By this time, you may have already heard about the re-discovery of the “super food” called Quinoa. The most exciting thing about quinoa is its health benefits due to the presence of many beneficial vitamins and minerals. Being one of … Continue reading

The Future Of Green Business

Image by Getty Images via @daylife In 2007 green business growth was 12%. By 2008 it reached growth of 36% . This showed that Americans are still “regularly” buying green products, according to the Mintel consumer survey.  The Business Ledger … Continue reading

The Future Of Green Business

Image by Getty Images via @daylife In 2007 green business growth was 12%. By 2008 it reached growth of 36% . This showed that Americans are still “regularly” buying green products, according to the Mintel consumer survey.  The Business Ledger … Continue reading

Tips and Techniques That Beat the Holiday Blues – 2010 By Michael Ellner

The National Mental Health Association lists multiple reasons for why people feel sad, lonely or angry around the holidays. These can range from the stress of holiday pressures, financial challenges, family tensions, isolation and grief from the loss of a … Continue reading

Choosing a Holistic Lifestyle Coach

A holistic lifestyle will definitely improve your attitude towards life and how you take care of your physical, mental and emotional well-being. Lifestyle changes can be difficult, determining your direction and goals can also be challenging.  A holistic coach can … Continue reading

Qigong Meditation and Food Healing: Ancient Medicine for Modern Times by Jeffrey Primack

Qigong is a 5000 year old “energy strengthening art” that combines powerful breath techniques and slow body movement. Oprah Winfrey’s Dr. Oz recently praised Qigong in 2007 when he said, “If you want to live to be 100, do Qigong!” … Continue reading

5 Holistic Lifestyle and Nutrition Tips to Ease Into Fall By Valerie Neng

We are all creatures of habit. But as the weather gets colder and the days get shorter, the healthy habits that worked for us during the hot summer months will need to be adapted to the cooler months ahead. You … Continue reading

Easing Pain Through Homeopathy by Ben Paul

Homeopathic medicine is a controversial alternative to Rx drugs and narcotics. It was introduced in 1796 by Samuel Hahnemann and believed to trigger the body’s natural healing process. It is based on the law of similar or the preparation of … Continue reading

More On Sciatica And Chiropractic Care

More On Sciatica And Chiropractic Care by Kim Christensen Sciatica leads to numbness, weakness and pain in the leg, hip, calf, buttock and foot. Out of all the nerves in the body, sciatica is the largest and longest nerve in … Continue reading

Reiki – The Path of Healing

Reiki is a Japanese word meaning “Universal Life Energy”. Reiki is also a path of healing self and others in which the students develop their personality and attune their life to the rhythms of the universe. Reiki is believed to … Continue reading

Gaining Inner Peace With A Holistic Lifestyle

Living a holistic lifestyle can greatly reduce the amount of stress that you deal with on a day to day basis. By following these simple tips you’ll be able to reduce your stress level in simple yet effective ways. Continue reading