How To Cut Energy Costs, And Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Rather than whine about how miserable the current outlook for our environment is, you can actually make a lot of difference by starting your own conservation revolution at home. Apart from implementing your own green initiatives at home, it would also help if you write or call your congressmen and senators and ask them to craft environment-friendly legislation. Here are a few helpful tips on how to reduce your carbon footprint at home.

Set Goals To Reduce Energy Consumption

Before revving up your green campaign at home, first determine a baseline to start your energy conservation activity. Make sure you set specific energy reduction goals, for gas, vehicle fuel consumption and electricity. Create a chart for your car’s fuel-reduction objectives, and chart the kilowatts-per hour or thermal readings at home.

Make Changes In The Products Used By Your Family

Some of the products and items you use at home may actually lead to a build-up in your carbon footprint, as well as to a spike in your electricity and gas bills. Remember to buy only energy-saving products where needed.

It would also help if you get your family involved by asking them to make changes to their daily habits. You could ask each of your family members to check all the lights and appliances before they leave at home, and to reduce water use when watering the lawn or washing the dishes and clothes.

Buy Only Green Certified Products

If you’re headed to the grocery or mall, make sure you only purchase green-certified products. Many non-government organizations and consumer groups have a listing of which green-certified products are available today. A product can only be certified as eco-friendly if it is proven to have come from biodegradable sources, or if it was harvested and manufactured using environment-friendly practices.

How To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint While Working

There are lots of ways to cut down on energy costs, and reduce your carbon footprint while working. While significantly lowered power costs are one of the many benefits, you and your co-workers can also do more to save the planet.

First, instead of taking the car with you, why not walk, bike or carpool to work? In the workplace, you can also recycle paper, and reuse office supplies.   When shopping for copiers, printers or fax machines, remember to buy only the products that have an Energy Star rating, so that you will know how they efficiently use energy. If you are still using older products in the office, make sure you install a surge protector, so you can quickly power them down at night and on weekends.

Regularly Check Your heating Equipment

Before winter arrives, make sure you repair and do maintenance checks on your heating and cooling units, to enable them to run at peak performance. Always do the routine checks on your heating or cooling equipment, so you will know when to change filters, or spot any leaks.

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